Design Trends

Homepage Photes

Huge splash screen backgrounds, initially with very little text, such as a site title, and no other content, are being used to entice you to stay and look further into the site.


Parallax shown below.

A Parallax can make a subtly change to the background. The image focus may move. This effect can be used on page backgrounds and single items, as shown below.


All things in moderation. Animation adds visual interest. Keeping movement to under 5 seconds will be appreciated by those using screen readers.

Page Layout Trends

Page collection sites can scroll as one continuous page or collection of pages. One-Page sites use a single non-scrollable page that gets new content as needed. The best practice may be in the middle.

Card-Based Design

Card-based design enables content to fit in all screen types and sizes. There might be a brief amount of text, such as a product description. Cards are miniature, condensed web pages.

Mobile and Cards

An estimated 80% of sites are read on phones. Twitter and Google now use cards as their design pattern for mobile devices. Turning a phone to landscape mode makes better use of limited space.

About the Artist

Things Are Changing

In the world we live in today, your site developer can be right next door, in another state or sitting on a beach in the South Pacific.  It really doesn’t matter anymore.

Emails, Messages, and FaceTime remove distance from the equation.  We are virtually working together in the same room.

While working with your site designer, you’ll be able to see your site, test drive it, and manage the content.  It’s like house hunting, looking for just the right layout for your planned content.  Developers build you the house, and you arrange the content to tell your story.